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We strive to provide your community with the freshest produce and quality products.
Organic, conventional clean produce, homemade baked breads, cakes, and pies.
Handmade crafts and more.


Real food For Real Families

Our Markets and Vendors are dedicated to providing you and your community with the finest qualitiy produce and products. Our goal is to keep our prices affordable for the communities we serve.

  • No insecticides - We pick bugs.
  • GMO Free - Food the way it was meant to be.
  • Fresh - Right from the garden.
  • Vendors - We're here to answer your questions.
  • Community - What we are all about!

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Our Market Managers look for bakers and prepared food cooks that use local ingredients, so you can be sure our products are of the highest quality and freshest available.

All the bulk products you need.

Our Markets contract with local suppliers to provide quality bulk products like pastas, organic sugars and gluten free products.

Connecting Farmers and Producers with Consumers

Bid To Grow is our signature solution for connecting vendors and producers with local businesses, schools, and institutions. If you are afiliated with a school, restaurant or institution, ask us about Bid To Grow.

Our Newsletter

Our Newsletter is a great way for Vendors and Customers to stay up to date with our Markets and some great information about the products and produce you buy and some great recipe ideas.

What We Offer is an evolving busniness model, designed to build and sustain vibrant communities by encouraging local farms, producers and craftsmen to come together though a single venue to provide their products to the local community at an affordable price. This model keeps local dollars local and makes fresh, clean food and quality products more readily available to the consumer.

Associated Markets

Our Market Managers enlist a wide variety of farmers and producers to ensure that the consumers in their communities have thebest choices available at a price they can afford. We continue to work with communities everywhere to help them build a market town.

My Farm Vendors Page

Farmers and producers that aren't able to be a part of the Market can still list and sell their produce and products online. My Farm Vendors page is an easy way to move your produce and craft items. If you are a musician, My Farm vendor's page can help you sell your music as a digital download.

Bid To Grow

Bid To Grow is our solution to get local food in our restaurants, schools and institutions competitively priced and fresh! These businesses and institutions list there equirements in the form of a contract and local vendors bid on those contracts. The business can select the winning bid based on producer rating, location and price. Contracts typically run anywhere from 6 to 12 months giving the farmer steady income and can plan his crops for the season.

Meet The Team

Our Web Site was built by a hardworking, talented team of regular folks with a dream and a vision that puts consumers and communities first, and puts farmers and producers on a path to sustainability.

Dave Jen Bone

David and Jennifer Bone

Co-Founders, Managing Partners

With a combined 35 years of farming experience, David and Jennifer Bone operate a 115 year old family farm in the rolling hills of the "Green Mountain State" Vermont, with a small, sustainable, community based mindset. David is a 4th generation dairyman and Jennifer a produce farmer with farmers market management experience. The Bone Farm was awarded the "Century Farms" award for over a century of continued family,traditional operation. They continue to diversify the family homestead into a"Bio-dynamic" family farm. With a goal of sharing their vision for agriculture and enhancing the local and farming revolutionary movement They have designed and created this website for all farmers and producers while maintaining integrity in their ideals and practices. Join us in making "Local","Global"!

Dan Robinson

Daniel Robinson

Website/Back-end Developer

Dan has lived in Vermont most of his life, living and working on a variety of small farms growing up. He joined the Army after high school and remained in the military until 2001 when he retired and became a military contract trainer. After meeting Dave and Jen, and hearing their vision, he put his hobby of developing websites to work signing on as My Farmers Market's web guru. He currently lives here in Vermont with his wife Donna and their four children.

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is MyFarmersMkt?

MyFarmersMkt is an online portal to connect farmers/producers with their local communites.

I have a website problem, who do I email?

Dan is our website technical expert. He ca be reached at or if the online chat is active, that means he is monitoring the website and you can enter into a chat session with him.

How do I use the Advanced Search feature?

Enter your zip code into the advance search text field and you will find the vendors in you local area.

How can I start a Market in my area?

Our business model is a template for creating markets in any town, in any state. We provide the model and website which is your management tool. Your vendors and producers fill your market. You manage your market we provide support when needed. Call or message us for more information.

How is my information used?

At MyFarmersMkt your privacy is important to us. we don't sell, lend or share your information with anyone. It is strictly for you to use on our site.

Is MyFarmersMkt free?

As a shopper, you only pay for te products you buy. As a vendor, you have the option of selecting a plan that fits your harvest/production schedule.

Our Trusted Products

We carry products from some of the most trusted farms, companies, and suppliers.

Getting Started

Getting started is easier than ever. simply decide if you want to buy from your local market or a farmer in your area. Create a free account and shop!